One of the benefits of dabbing is the use of a dab rig


Have you been fascinated by the new smoking culture? Ahead of you is a wealth of information, and I’m wondering if you’re eager to absorb it all. Do you have an interest in finding out why a dab rig is preferable than a bong for dabbing? You need not worry, little sweetheart. We’ve provided a detailed explanation and some simple tips to help you get the most out of your vacation.

And what, in the name of God, is this thing called “Dabbing?”

“Dabs” refer to the highly concentrated versions of plants or herbs. The use of solvents in concert with the extraction of chemical components results in the “dab” material so beloved by heavy smokers. The substance in question is essentially an oil that goes by a variety of street names including wax, shatter, and budder. Dabbing, a method of ingesting herbs, is undoubtedly more modern than smoking them. A dab rig is used to inhale the vaporised oil after it has been heated on a hot surface (often a nail or a thermal banger).

A Dab Rig, but NO Bong? Can You Please Expand?

Who’s got the dab? In a hurry to dab? Come on, let’s start dabbing already! But hold on, make sure you have a good dab rig set up before you start dabbing.

Dab rig refers specifically to the sort of e-nails that is used for dabbing (obviously). Dabbing refers to the practise of placing a small amount of wax on a hot nail in order to produce smoke.

An Overview of the Benefits Associated with Dabbing

Just exactly is it about a dab rig that makes it so special? Hold on tight, because I’m about to tell you why using a top-notch dab setup is so beneficial.

The flavour is a gastronomic marvel. Taking a hit from a dab rig that is consistently operating at a temperature that is lower than normal can provide a flavour that will blow your mind. Dabbing enthusiasts generally agree that the flavour of cannabis in a dab rig hit is superior to that of a rolled joint.

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