Sildenafil: Medlineplus Drug Information

Viagra helps to decrease signs of ED by serving to you to get and maintain an erection.
If you’d like to drink alcohol while you’re taking Viagra, talk with your physician.
They’ll have the power to decide how a lot alcohol, if any, is secure for you to drink.
If you have a abdomen ulcer, taking Viagra might improve your threat of bleeding in your abdomen.
Be certain to tell your physician if you have a abdomen ulcer earlier than taking this drug.


If you could have extreme kidney issues, your doctor will prescribe a dosage of Viagra for you that’s decrease than the typical dosage.
If you could have problems along with your penis, similar to bending, scarring, or Peyronie’s disease, it may not be secure for you to take Viagra.
(With 비아그라 , you’ve an abnormal curvature of your penis.) Rarely, Viagra might cause priapism (a long-lasting and sometimes painful erection).
If you have a physical downside affecting your penis, getting priapism with Viagra may cause further harm to your penis.

Viagra – Uses, Side Effects, And Extra

Men who’ve prostate surgical procedure can also have erection issues, however that is often solely a short-term drawback.
Cut down on smoking, alcohol, and illegal drug use.
Exercise and eat a healthy diet to keep good blood circulation.

Men who take nitrates for coronary heart illness shouldn’t take ED medicines.
Although they work in related methods, every oral treatment has a slightly totally different chemical make-up.
These minor differences affect the finest way every treatment works, similar to how rapidly it takes impact and wears off, and the potential unwanted facet effects.

How Should I Eliminate Expired Viagra (and Different Medications)?

Tobacco and nicotine can also prohibit blood move to the penis and trigger ED.
This could make it harder so that you can get an erection.
See in case your city or state has a local drug take-back program.

Viagra®, a brand-name ED drug created by Pfizer, is the unique drug within the PDE5 inhibitor class of medicines and may be very efficient in treating erectile dysfunction.
Viagra® can help you get an erection or it could assist you to to take care of an erection for longer.
If your present erection isn’t permitting you to have satisfying intercourse, a prescription for Viagra® might have the ability to allow you to.
Viagra® is a brand-name erectile dysfunction medication that grew to become the primary FDA-approved oral remedy for ED in 1998.
Viagra® is a PDE-5 inhibitor which helps to chill out blood vessels and enhance blood flow.

If any of those components apply to you, your beginning dose may be 25 mg, which is lower than the typical really helpful dose.
In scientific research, complications have been reported in 16% to 28% of individuals who took Viagra.
(This share various relying on the dose of Viagra used and how usually the drug was taken.) In comparison, headaches have been reported in 4% to 7% of individuals who took a placebo .
As with most drugs, some folks can have an allergic reaction after taking Viagra.

Priapism This is a situation that includes an erection lasting for several hours, sometimes greater than four hours, with out stimulation or after stimulation has ended.
If not immediately handled, priapism can result in everlasting injury to the penis.
Viagra works by blocking certain naturally occurring enzymes within the body, inflicting blood vessels to dilate and enhancing blood move to the penis.

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