The Best Projector Screen for most people Reviews by Wirecutter

Additionally, some screens offer a motorized feature, so you don’t need to get out of your seat to start the action. Painting this onto a 2-foot-square section of drywall I found it to be very low gain, offering 40% less brightness than our picks. Unlike some of the other low-gain options, it didn’t do much to improve black levels either.

Top 3 Home Theater Projector Screens

And to add a dash of flexibility, it supports dual installation through its different-sized D-rings and brackets. Usually, we don’t recommend dropping below $50 for a projection screen, as quality can seriously plummet, but we will make an exception for the Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen. No, we don’t know how to pronounce the name either, but there’s no question that the screen has a unique proposition.

The screens are easy to install, come with a kit, and offer great video quality provided your projector can measure up. Some models even have audio integration, providing a compartment for a hidden speaker. We’re also fans of Silver Ticket for its durability and reasonable price despite the premium build. Best Buy does carry projector screens, including many of the choices on our list like the Elite Screens brand, along with Spon, and their in-house Insignia.

Automation: Fixed vs. Retractable Projector Screens

Additionally, you can connect a 12v trigger to lower and raise the screen whenever the projector is powered on or off. VIVIDSTORM is another prominent name in the world of home entertainment. Best Fixed Frame Projector Screen has created quite a name for itself, all credited to its outclass products which are the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

With a higher gain, the viewing angle gets smaller, as you are in essence “focusing” the reflected light more toward the center of the room. With a high-gain screen, you’ll want to put seats closer to the center of the screen. If you’re still using a white-painted wall, you really should upgrade. A screen has less texture and will show more accurate colors, plus add pop to the image. A good screen provides a smooth, color-neutral surface that helps preserve your projector’s brightness and overall image quality. No need to pull down, just hit the remote and wait for it to drop down while the projector loads.

The CLR® 2 features a durable scratch-resistant coating that is easy to clean and will protect the material through many years of use. This screen material is designed for use with ultra-short throw table-top configurations as well as short throw projector arrays. An ultra-thin bezel enhances the aesthetics by providing that giant flat panel TV appearance at a fraction of the cost. Fixed frame projector screens are the top choices of screens for home theaters, auditoriums and any room where you plan to have a screen permanently mounted to the wall. A fixed screen features a flat surface that stays taut and in place on the wall giving you maximum visual experience.

The Silver Ticket comes together much more easily, and although the material doesn’t look as taut as Elite Screens’ model during use, there is no functional difference. As far as objective measurements go, we made more than a thousand measurements per screen and have consolidated the data into a table below. We go into further detail in the Lots more data section for those who are interested. While some screens measure better than the Silver Ticket, they are either seven times more expensive or time-intensive DIY projects, which most people aren’t up for. Once the screen is hung on the wall there is no visible flex in the top or bottom rail, and it looks well made.

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